Dancover sold to Capidea2021-09-23T05:28:24+00:00
Danpal sold to Den Sociale Kapitalfond2021-09-22T13:24:18+00:00
DKT A/S sold to BTV Multimedia GmbH2021-09-23T05:28:47+00:00
PMW Engineering sold to Jesma Vejeteknik2021-09-23T05:28:56+00:00
Birepo A/S has been sold to Addtech AB2021-09-23T05:29:02+00:00
Xtracon A/S sold to ECIT AS2021-09-23T05:29:08+00:00
Heidi Behrens sole owner of Trademade Cosmetics A/S2021-09-23T05:29:17+00:00
Materielhuset A/S sold to Profil Værktøj A/S2021-09-23T05:29:23+00:00
Braun Scandinavia A/S sold to Duomed N.V.2021-09-23T05:29:30+00:00
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