Sesam Partners has just completed the sale of Danboring A / S to the Swedish listed investment company Storskogen Group AB.

Danboring A / S is Denmark’s largest specialized company within controlled sub-drilling, where, with the help of necessary technology, electric, water and sewer lines are carried out without excavation. A work area that is growing.

With its previous founder and owner Thorbjørn Risgaard, Danboring has experienced growth, and with the sale to Storskogen, the growth is expected to continue. The company’s management will continue under the new ownership, with Thorbjørn Risgaard continuing as development manager and Heine Serritslev Jørgensen as managing director. Thorbjørn Risgaard retains a small ownership interest and Heine Serritslev Jørgensen becomes a shareholder.

In 2021, Danboring had an EBITDA of approx. 31 mio. danish kroner and 38 employees.

Storskogen Group AB is a Swedish listed investment company that acquires and develops medium-sized companies with a view to long-term ownership. Storskogen already has two other companies within the area. There is Storskogen’s fourth investment in Denmark.

The sale of Danboring has been carried out in a structured sales process in which many buyers were interested.

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EBITDA: 31 mio. kr.
Employees: 38

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