When your company is to be sold

Dancover sold to Capidea

sold to

Danpal sold to Den Sociale Kapitalfond

sold to

DKT A/S sold to BTV Multimedia GmbH

sold to

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About Sesam Partners

Sesam Partners is advising sellers and buyers of companies. We know that a successful sale of a company is founded on a deep understanding of the company and of the sector, it is operating within.

Sesam Partners is responsible of the entire M&A process, so the owner can focus on running the business. Our assistance in the sales process includes valuation, preparation of Information Memorandum, identification of buyers and administrating the negotiating process until closing.

We are also advising on raising capital to support growth, and on the preparation of the sale of companies to improve the likelihood of a sale as well as the value.

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Disposal of a company

One of the most important business areas for Sesam Partners is to advice on the sale of companies. The sales process follow a number of steps including a valuation of the company. The value depends of…


Sesam Partners advises on acquisition of companies when acquisitions are on the agenda for Danish and foreign companies that want to strengthen their market position and capabilities through acquisitions…

Equity Fundraising

Sesam Partners offers full Equity Fundraising and Debt Advisory including Refinancing advice. We take care of the entire process until funds has been supplied…

Preparing for sale

Most owners can maximize the value and ensure the saleability of their businesses through well-planned pre-sale preparations. Sesam Partners often advise the owners of businesses to enter into a…

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