The 130-year old adhesives producer Nordcoll A/S has taken over Samson Enviro Industries A/S.

Samson Enviro is a manufacturing & trading company with activities in three main business areas:
Own production, Agency Company & Licensed production for other companies.
They produce and market a wide range of detergents and cleaning agents and chemical-technical products aimed at both the professional market as to retailers.

A special product is GRAFF-it-Off® series, consisting of a complete anti-graffiti program with biodegradable chemical products for cleaning graffiti and wax emulsions to protect facades against graffiti. Samson Enviro is further more removing graffiti for a variety of real estate companies, businesses and municipalities.

Nordcoll A/S already has great expertise in production, filling and packaging of chemical products, and the acquisition is expanding the company’s own product range.

Samson Enviros owner and CEO, Martin Jacobsen, continues in the company as a sales manager.

Sesam Partners has identified Samson Enviro Industries as a possible acquisition target, and has advised Nordcoll about the acquisition.

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