BNC Products A/S has sold all activities and rights to the Naturfarm products to Skandinavisk Textil Kemi Aps.
Naturfarm has through more than 40 years developed organic-based skin care products with very rapid effect. The products include creams, gels, shampoos, soaps, etc. The level of development and documentation of the products is high. The procucts contains interesting ingredients like caviar, amber, fruit enzymes and stem cells. In most of the products ecological certified Aloe Vera gel is used instead of water and all products are made without parabens.
The products are distributed through leading health shops in Denmark as well as in a growing number of export countries.
Behind BNC Products A/S stands Carsten Børge Nielsen, who previously owned Allison A/S.
Skandinavisk Textil Kemi Aps, owned and operated by Allan and Bjarke Dam, sells chemical products to the furniture and home textile industry and represents a number of large chemical manufacturers such as LORDPulcra ChemicalsLoctite and Henkel.

Skandinavisk Textil Kemi Aps has long wanted to expand its activities in the field of chemistry. They are now focusing on a major expansion of the business volume in Naturfarm. The business will be performed in a newly formed company, of which BNC Products/Carsten Børge Nielsen holds 10%, and thereby retains a connection to the company.

Sesam Partners has completed the sales process of Naturfarm and advised the owners about the sale.

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